7 Reasons to choose Dickson General Practice as your complete healthcare solution

  • Reason #1: We are patient-centred
    We care about our clients and strive to meet their needs with dignity and respect.
  • Reason #2: 40 years of experience & the energy of young practitioners
    Our team has a wealth of experience and skills to ensure you are being treated by knowledgeable, compassionate staff.
  • Reason #3: A wholistic approach to health
    It’s not always about your physical ailments. We understand that mental, social and spiritual health play a large part in your overall wellbeing.
  • Reason #4: We offer a wide range of services and specialties
    We know you don’t want to visit more than one location if it can be avoided. We have a team with a wide range of specialities and interests so we can help you in one convenient location. Psychologists, Pathology and Physiotherapy are right next door.
  • Reason #5: We are focused on long term relationships
    You will always be treated like a person at our medical centre. We believe in continuity of care and view our relationship with you as a partnership.
  • Reason #6: We provide Advocacy within the Healthcare System.
    It is not surprising how much of our work involves navigating through the complex health system.We recommend healthcare services we know to be worthwhile. We help with roadblocks and misunderstandings. We make appointments for those who can’t do it themselves.We get you seen when you need to be, rather than left on a waiting list somewhere. Though we don’t claim to be miracle workers, mostly we can find a way to timely care.We talk to your other healthcare providers, to make sure we are all on the same page.
  • Reason #7: We provide value for money
    When you are unwell there’s nothing worse than having expensive medical fees to add to your troubles. We continually strive to provide value for money. If you are experiencing financial hardship we are more than happy to have a chat about payment options.
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